The ORGANIZING COMMITEE, responsible for the establishment of the Foundation, depends on the good- will and support of all the friends  of ARBOREAL ARCHEOLOGY as well as associations, foundations, public bodies and businesses that believe in this project. If we succeed  Isabella Dalla Ragione and the Committee will  draw up an official document of the establishment of the FOUNDATION. If the target of the Committee is not reached then the COMMITEE will be dissolved and the long and enthusiastic era for ARBOREAL ARCHEOLOGY will come to an end.



A. You can become a founding member

The original founder is Isabella Dalla Ragione who brings her ARBOREAL ARCHEOLOGY COLLECTION to the new FOUNDATION. However, we wish to point out that what we are trying to create is a structure that is available to anyone who believes in the project. Thus, according to the statute that the COMMITEE proposes, each subject,  nominated by the board on the basis of the contribution given, will take on the role as founder on accepting the rules and on authorization from the Scientific Committee.

These bodies will be set up after the anticipated creation of the Foundation. Until that date, their functions will be carried out by the ORGANIZING COMMITEE that will consider every significant suggestion,  and hopes to involve as many people as possible in the setting up of the FOUNDATION. Keep in mind that in the Steering Committee each contributor will have a vote proportional to the amount given, which is also valid for the nomination of a third of the Management Board.


B. You can make a donation to the Organizing Committee for the Arboreal Archeology Regional Foundation which is being set up.

The COMMITEE will take over formally when the FOUNDATION is established and, in the interests of all those who have contributed will pay the amount collected into an account, a part will be paid into endowment funds until the minimum amount required is reached, and a part will go into a management fund.


If you would like to adopt a fruit tree to assist in its development, choose one from the collection. Your name will be placed on the tree and you will become its sponsor.  


The subsidies are to be paid to:

 'COMITATO PROMOTORE  PER LA COSTITUZIONE DELLA  FONDAZIONE  ARCHEOLOGIA ARBOREA',  sede in San Lorenzo di Lerchi - Città di Castello (PG) , Codice Fiscale 90021060547: 

( Organizing Committee for the Establishment of the Arboreal Archaeology Foundation,  Head Office - San Lorenzo di Lerchi- Città di Castello (PG), codice fiscal 90021060547)

Current Account:

CASSE DI RISPARMIO dell'UMBRIA  Filiale 09431 Perugia,  Via Baglioni, 

 From Italy  :   IBAN    IT58 U063 1503 0121 0000 0004 068

From abroad:  BIC   CRSPIT3S    IBAN  IT58 U063 1503 0121 0000 0004 068

 Specifying reason for payment: donation allocated to Arboreal Archeology Regional Foundation to be established.


If the donations do not reach the minimum amount required to set up the Foundation and to start its activities, the Committee will allocate the funds raised to a  conservation project on Biodiversity; it can also decide to give back the amount paid in.