Our History (1985-2013)

Thirty years of passionate research for old local varieties of fruit trees, more than a hundred and fifty ecotypes salvaged: thanks to the effort of Livio and Isabella Dalla Ragione, and the contribution of all those who have agreed to the Archeologia Arborea Project, an invaluable biological and cultural heritage was saved from being lost forever, and is currently available for study, reproduction and a new diffusion.  

The research on old varieties of fruit trees and plants of the traditional rural landscape began in the Upper Tiber Valley area, an age-old crossroads of many Italian regions: Emilia Romagna, Tuscany, Umbria and the Marches. Since the beginning, the main focus was on the traditional farming systems, on food history and culture, on folklore and old traditions. This research, unexpectedly, also led to the rediscovery of extraordinary connections with art, and the medieval and Renaissance culture of Umbria and Tuscany. Remarkable documents and information have been collected from old farming handbooks and archives, as well as from the texts of itinerant agriculture lectures and from toponomastic. Most of the plants were rediscovered by visiting abandoned farms, old hamlets, parish gardens, villas and monastery orchards.

During all these years, our main and primary goal has been to salvage these endangered plants in a concrete form: every year, a consistent number of varieties were lost, together with all the knowledge going along with them, and thus the complex system of ecological and cultural background to which they belonged. This is the reason why all the work done has always been characterized by urgency, if not emergency.

Our activities and our awards


The Foundation from 2014

THE ORGANIZING COMMITTEE (Isabella Dalla Ragione, Francesco Bistoni, Francesco Buccellato, Stefano Cimicchi, Emile Frison, Monica Guerzoni, Mario Marino, Federica Micheli, Stefano Padulosi, Tommaso Sediari) has promoted a fund-raising campaign in order that




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